Saturday night

I’m home alone with the lights low, dim night punctuated by glow from the machines with the words. The words tonight are from The Expatriates. I’ve plunged in and just surfaced at past 20% (the kindle unit of measurement, although the chapters aren’t numbered to work out how much have left). I’m so grateful for […]

Commitment devices

It’s ironic and optimistic but tonight I’m excited about the fresh start tomorrow brings. I will read about happiness and submit my post and not blaze before bed. I will use a commitment device. Freakonomics podcast ran an episode about it; no it was Hidden Brain. I’m now a psychology student. So fresh in my master’s degree […]

Exceptional Examples

Is this phrase valid or is it an oxymoron? It further strengthens this view that for Chalmers, consciousness is the sole exceptional example of strong emergence, and all others as varying degrees of weak emergence (Chalmers, 2008, p.247). That’s from my first psychology MA essay, or at least draft 1.0 of my first psychology MA […]

a family portrait

I need to write a bit about a student of mine, a teenage girl I worked with last school year and the year before that. Ever since I took her on, she’s been in my thoughts a lot. Seeing as she was already thirteen years old by the time I met her, I’ve reflected a lot […]

Brain Cloud

My brain’s a bit cloudy today, heavy and grey and full. I hope to let that building storm out just now and see if that brings some light, some relief. Just this weekend I’ve begun reading “Adventures in the Anthropocene” by Gaia Vince. It’s daunting to read, and not just because it is made of […]

“Bliss”, “Sugar” and “J17”

I had a picture of a man’s naked torso on my wall before I hit puberty and it didn’t arouse any physical feelings within me. It was Dieter Brummer – something of a forgotten name in 2015 but if you’re an 80s baby from the UK you might also hear in your mind the tagline ‘”Home and […]


I’ve been reading quite a lot, for me, recently. A colleague, a New Orleanian who teaches German in HCMC, from whom I learn a lot and who makes me laugh a lot, gave me a book of Alice Munro’s: “Family Furnishings”. It’s such excellent writing, beautiful models of the short story form. I rarely have really […]